Friday, March 5, 2021

Wednesday and Thursday both had a 60% chance of 1 - 5mm they said.  127mm later and we were pretty much under water again.  It takes us to just shy of 500mm for the year thus far which in the old terms is twenty inches.  But that does pale in comparison to last year when we had 1251mm fall to March 6!!  The big advantage we had with this event is that there was virtually no rainfall inland so we only had to deal with what fell here and with some good low tides the water got away quite quickly.  We virtually lost two mowing days so we are way behind where we would like to be and there were many areas on Friday that we couldn't get to even if we could.  It did give us a chance to get all the sprinklers and valve boxes trimmed which is an enormous undertaking in itself so that's a positive.

And not so much on the course but a new roof was put on the fertiliser storage shed today.  It has been programmed to be done almost every week this year but has been dashed by rain.  Wet fertiliser is no good to anybody so it was a very necessary repair.  And a job that is similarly being interupted by rain is the spraying of the dams on 4/9W and 8W.  We employ a contractor who has a boat to spray these dams and the product needs to be on the surface dry for at least 36 hours if possible.  Every time he has been set to come in the rain has come through.

New roof coming up.


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