Monday, March 22, 2021

 5pm update Monday.

12mm of rain since 9am today and it is the worse type as it is only light and just sits on the surface making already soggy conditions significantly worse, which may sound strange but 100mm in a few hours sheets off the fairways very quickly.

We have spent today continuing to clear drains to keep the flow up as good as possible.  One of the issues with the sump drains we have is that they clog up with leaves and debris and need constant clearing to maintain flow.  As mentioned previously it is such a flat piece of land that there is little fall available for the water to move which slows down the drainage.

12R is the wettest on the River course and will take some time to drain as there is a huge back up of water on 14R that needs to get across 12R first.  You could take your pick of wet fairways on the West course although good progress was made today.

A couple of shots from this afternoon below.

Blocked drainage grate that hinders flow.

12R 5pm Monday.

15R 5pm Monday.  Todays rain just sitting on the surface.

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