Thursday, March 25, 2021

The final update for the week @ 5pm Thursday.

Most of the water has now gone although there are some areas where water is still standing that I don't recall seeing this much before, including LHS 14R before the dogleg and further down on 14R on the RHS of the green, especially so long after it has stopped raining.  The entire cart path on the RHS 14R green is inundated which I am sure has never happened previously.  Just goes to show how much rain there has been.

But the good news is that both courses will be open for walking only on Friday.  Carts should be good for the River on Saturday and it just depends how well the West dries out tomorrow so that call will be made as usual before 5.30am Saturday.

Thanks for your interest in the blog (now 3,800 views since Saturday) and your patience in missing out on some game time due to the weather.


Water still lying LHS 14R.

Water covering the cart path RHS 14R.

Now for the dirty work - clean up time on 1W.

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