Friday, January 7, 2022

A pretty grim forecast for the next week with plenty of rain lurking about.  The worst part of that for the golf courses is the lack of play and therefore lack of income but more importantly the amount of growth it will cause.  The grass is almost growing out of control, particularly the roughs where we can't get the growth regulator out which is because of time restraints and also the longer grass is more difficult to get an even application on due to the ''shielding'' effect of the leaves not allowing the spray mixture to make contact.  All other play areas including greens, tees and fairways have been treated along with the bunker edges.  The path edges were trimmed this week and we would love to get some growth regulator on to them but time is the enemy.

Freshly edged path.

It has been a big couple of weeks of edging with all bunkers edged and trimmed, all trees whipper snipped around and all paths edged as well as all the usual mowing and grooming.   Add to that the big Melaleuca that came down on 1R fairway that needed a Bobcat to manoeuvre it around.

It doesn't look that big but it certainly was.

And so it's Christmas.  Hoping that the weather behaves and we can get some players out there enjoying the courses.  Merry Christmas to all CTHGC members and followers of the Blog. 

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