Friday, January 28, 2022

And still it rains.  There have been only four rain free days since December 24 and as I mentioned previously that means cloudy weather and no sun which has a serious effect on turf health.  The greens are really thin on both courses and the huge traffic we are experiencing doesn't help much either.  

About the only turf not stressed is the fairway turf on the fertilised fairways.  They are booming along and the plan is to finish the rest next week.  It seems strange that they are under growth regulation at the moment which halves the amount of mowing required and the canopy is tightened right up.  I can't put that sort of fertiliser rates on greens as the growth would be uncontrollable. 

The River course in particular has come up very well this afternoon in readiness for round 3 of the club champs tomorrow.  Hopefully no wind or rain overnight and we are good to go.  A great effort by the crew with three men down and a short week with the public holiday. 

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