Friday, January 7, 2022

Not sure what happened with the previous post as it hadn't been published so there's a double up for this week.

The main news item at the moment is the rain.  We have recorded rain on every day since Christmas eve and that spells trouble for turf.  Not only from the disease point of view but also from the daylight point of view.  Rain means clouds and that means little sunlight which is having a slowing effect on all turf areas on the courses which is similar to what happened in December 2020 when we recorded 558mm which well and truly trumps 2021's total of 248mm.  2020 total rainfall came in at 2,413mm.  The other effect of the rain is moist conditions and the subsequent damage from motorised buggies.  Please consider where you drive in these wet conditions.

The other news is the tidal surges that we experienced earlier this week.  The photos below are of 9R tee in flood and under tidal surge.  I don't think I have ever seen that much fresh sea water push in on the courses before.

9R tee under tidal surge.

9R tee under flood conditions.

The wind this week has certainly caused some havoc as well as leaving a huge mess in its wake.  The bunkers literally act as leaf collectors in any wind conditions and in particular this past week.  There was that much debris in them that we had to shovel the debris out of them such was the quantity.

Shovelling bunkers.



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