Friday, February 25, 2022

A pretty tense week preparing for the Tweed Coast Open given the forecast rain but so far we have dodged a bullet....well on Friday anyway.  The forecast below on Wednesday morning of expected rainfall had the heaviest falls predicted to occur right on top of us and the volume of rain was a real concern. We really did have some luck on Wednesday with ''only''  80mm falling overnight in to Wednesday morning as falls of up to 150mm+ were common anywhere south of Chinderah.  Unfortunately it led to the cancellation of Thursday's Pro am and then the decision was made to shift the two day event to the much drier River course.  So a pretty intense day on Thursday getting all the signage across and doing as much prep work as one day would allow. 


Purple right on top of Tweed!!

Then this was the forecast rainfall on Friday morning which was pretty alarming but most of the rain stayed to the north of us for the day.  Fortunately an 11am shotgun on Friday gave us some more much needed time and the course came up in a very satisfactory manner given the timeframe and weather.  

Hope they're wrong?

It was a shame though as on Tuesday afternoon I reckon the West course was in about the best condition I have seen it and then all that work was washed away.  But I was told very early in my career that I would be dealing with Mother Nature and that she will always win and to just work along with her.  (Still allowed to be disappointed though!!)  It's also a shame for the staff who take great pride in what they produce so we had a congratulatory BBQ breakfast on Friday after the morning preps as some consolation.


Always appreciated by the boys.

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