Saturday, February 19, 2022

A very busy week on the courses with some early preparations for the Tweed Coast Open next week, which is the biggest event prizemoney wise that the club has held since the 1987 Qld Open.  We were able to get the West greens de-thatched one last time and then sanded as well as some fertiliser on Friday for some colour.  The application of fertiliser to the fairways was timed to perfection, even if I do say so myself, and they will peak next week and they are playing very well.  The tees are growing just a little too fast but some consecutive days of mowing should help that.  Hopefully the predicted rain will not eventuate and we will get the event done and dusted.  This event was to be held in December 2020 but a week of rain that delivered nearly 550mm of rain including one overnight total of 252mm accompanied by cyclonic winds put paid to that.

The River greens also got a de-thatch this week and certainly enjoyed a couple of days of sunshine toward the end of the week.  Temperatures early in the week were still down for this area and it has generally been a much cooler summer than usual.

A couple of irrigation issues for the week and both are affected by the tides with repair works needing to be done on low tides which with a full moon means they are hard to find and when it is low enough you only get a short amount of time but we will get there.

And a tragedy of sorts in the USA with the famed clubhouse at Oakland Hills CC burning to the ground this morning.  I always thought the clubhouse at my old club in Melbourne was pretty impressive until I was invited to play and then dine at the club in the early 1990's.  An incredible atmosphere and so much history within the structure and so sad to see most of it destroyed.  No one was injured which is one blessing.

Completely gutted.

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