Sunday, February 27, 2022

I did say in Fridays post that we had dodged a bullet and I still maintain that given the size of some of the falls that have happened elsewhere. 325 mm for the week for us with 134 overnight into Sunday and a further 44 since 9am this morning.  Most Brisbane courses are flooded and for anyone who has been to Indooroopilly GC and know where their maintenance shed is will realise the gravity of their situation as the shed is flooded.

A selection of photos below of our courses and the interesting one is of 9R tee this morning at high tide and then again this afternoon at low tide. Despite the amount of rain received upstream the river was still able to drop nearly two feet on low tide this afternoon,  and a lot of water was able to get off the courses. But as you can see there is still a lot of water to get off elsewhere.   All the photos other than 9R tee are at low tide this afternoon.

9R tee high tide.

9R tee low tide.
1R fairway curiously dry @ low tide!

Arrow indicates high water mark dam LHS 7W.

15R fairway looking back to tee.

12W fairway.

14W fairway.

And the obligatory half way west.


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