Saturday, May 17, 2014

102 mm of rain for the past 4 days with 92 of that falling on Wednesday and Thursday in the middle of a very busy week of work on the courses.  The courses are quite damp so extra care is needed in where you decide to drive your motorised buggies and repair of pitchmarks is of paramount importance with the greens much softer than usual.  Motorised buggies were not allowed on the courses on both Wednesday or Thursday due to the weather conditions.  The status of buggies is updated on the club website by 5.30am when they are not allowed so if in doubt it pays to check the club website as relying on what falls at the airport is not a good guide.  For example the airport received only 51 mm this week!

The trees at the rear of 15R green have now been removed and the light that is now available for 15R, 3R and 2W greens as well as 4R, 16R and 3W tees will see dramatic improvement in turf quality.  Unfortunately a late hiccup at Royal Pines meant that the material that was to be used wasn't available so the area has been stolonised with some Wintergreen couch and seeded with some Poa trivialis.  The Wintergreen will struggle to grow at this time of year but should establish well enough to regenerate in spring.
15R green sans trees at the rear
The bridge to 8W tee was also repaired this week.  The bridge had concrete poured on it and reinforcing bolts were inserted to strengthen the rails and side timbers.
8W tee bridge concreting

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