Friday, May 23, 2014

The new seed at the rear of 15R green has taken off really well and will no doubt offer the resident ducks some fodder which will hopefully keep them off the greens.  That is one of the balancing acts that the greens on both courses need in that they can't have to much growth or else the ducks feed on them and the Coots that have invaded recently are particularly aggressive and cause damage to the putting surface.  15R green is no doubt enjoying the sunlight thanks to the tree removal.  If you are interested you could scroll down to the post from April 11 with the photo of 15R green nearly in full shade at 1.30pm in the afternoon!

15R green enjoying full sun at 2.30pm today!
Over the past couple of weeks we have been varying the tee marker positions a lot more in an attempt to spread the wear.  Under the new handicapping system the course has to play within 100 metres of the rated length for the competition to be classified as a blue or white course.  Overall an average of 6 metres per hole can be used to achieve this but with the low grass growth we are now putting some markers up to 12 metres in front but compensate with some either on or near the distance marker.  Hopefully this will negate the need to use the shorter yellow rated course.  The yellow course will be used for some of the veterans 4Ball and Ambrose events though.

The club received its water bill recently and the meter that is in Davey Street had an unusually high number and we were asked to investigate.  This meter feeds the maintenance facility and also the on course toilet block and drinking fountains.  There were no obvious leaks present so we got a leak detector contractor in who located the leak 20 metres from the meter under a massive gum tree on the left of 9W.  There was no water visible on the surface until we disturbed it and didn't really feel like digging through roots to find the leak so re-routed the pipe around the tree.  The hole was on the under side of the pipe and spraying straight down into the sand so didn't surface.

Water leak on 9W located under the red bucket!!
Pipe now trenched around the tree.

And I don't know if Russ is stocking these shoes but please think of the greens and the putting surfaces before buying a pair of these!!
The designer couldn't be a golfer!!

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