Friday, May 30, 2014

The weather is certainly a topic at the moment with some glorious days and nice cool nights for sleeping.  The West greens had a full irrigation cycle applied to them last night which is the first time I can recall that in May - especially this late.  The fairways are also still kicking along and may even have some growth regulator applied to keep them under control.

The good weather certainly brings the golfers out but unfortunately there is that minority who still just don't care for the courses.  Perhaps it is lucky that we have still got some growth to repair multiple divots like those found on 11R yesterday morning.  I counted 12 and not any effort to repair.  But as the bottom photo shows most of the divots are aiming well left of the green so some time on the practice fairway with Ross Moodie might be more beneficial.  When my Dad taught me to play golf he instilled the etiquette of the game in me and always said to "look at your divot as it tells a lot about your swing and shot and when you're finished looking - repair it".  Repairing divots and pitchmarks on greens are the one thing a golfer can do to improve the golf course and yet so many don't.

Middle of 11R fairway.
Divots aimed left

The rather massive job of spraying around the tree bases is underway at the moment and is evidenced by a yellow stain that is left after spraying which is a pigment that is in one of the products.  With the number of trees on the property it is a daunting task for the staff to undertake but an important one as it not only makes finding balls close to trees a lot easier but also prevents the possibility of "ring barking the trees if a whipper snipper was used around them.

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