Saturday, May 10, 2014

Well you could just about call it 'a divot a day" at the moment with the way the greens, particularly the West greens, are being treated.  There is hardly a day that goes by that we don't need to repair a divot taken by a frustrated golfer.  Frustrated with their own lack of ability they take it out on the surface when their energy might be better channeled by having a few putting lessons.  Most who read this are the "converted" who take pride in the courses they play but I wish I could catch someone doing the damage.  The picture shows this mornings effort on 18W with no attempt made to facilitate any sort repair.  Disgraceful stuff in my opinion.
18 West green divot
I was very lucky this week to have the opportunity to play the very private Ellerston golf course which is the course designed by Greg Norman and built on the Packer families massive cattle and sheep station east of Scone in NSW.  The course would be able to host a tournament at a moments notice such is the level of grooming with some of the purest turf surfaces I have seen. There is little play however with six of us playing on Wednesday and the next players due being a 2 ball next Tuesday!!  On entry to the property which also has extensive Polo fields you sign a document that prohibits the taking of photos so sadly I can't share any views of the course.  The course was complete prior to Kerry Packers passing in 2005 and sadly he never got to play the masterpiece he created with Norman.

Back to reality and a busy week coming up on the courses with the trees at the rear of 15 River green to be removed.  Once the stumps have been ground we will be covering the area with some material that is being sourced from Royal Pines.  This material is basically the top 2 inches of the fairways from RPR which is being scraped off prior to the new construction works.  The only cost to the club is the freight down which is a significant saving on buying in sand and turf.  If the material is successful it may be used to fill in some of the bunkers that may be removed as part of the Course Improvement Plan.

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