Friday, December 4, 2015

An extremely busy week with the weather causing some disruption to the works program.
The West practice green has been removed and a new growing medium added with TifEagle due to be planted in the green on Tuesday.
Earthworks at 7R green have been completed with the turf due to be laid on Monday.  The area of bunkers on the hole has been reduced from 900 square metres down to 330 and the access to the front of the green widened.  As mentioned previously a system known as ProLiner was installed which virtually prevents the faces from washing away in a rain event and ensures drainage of the bunker.  It also prevent contamination of the bunker sand from rocks from below the surface.  Once the bunker is excavated out and new drainage installed an emulsion is sprayed on the surface to waterproof it.  15mm diameter stone is then spread evenly over the entire bunker and then the liner mix is applied over the entire bunker surface.  The sand is then distributed evenly over the top and after some compaction the bunker is ready for play.  The video below gives an excellent demonstration of just how much water can pass through the liner. 
The liner being installed
And then compacted



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