Thursday, December 24, 2015

Quite a busy week of golf on the courses this week which is a little unusual in the week leading into Christmas but we were still able to get the work done and all is readiness for the "silly season" of golf that is this time of year.  One thing that I have noticed this year is just how long the once a year golfers take to play a shot which must be a result of watching the Pros play.  Apparently the Friday round at the recent Byron Bay Pro Am took in excess of 6 hours!!

The West putting green continues to develop and the cover was removed as planned on Tuesday.  It had quite a heavy top dressing of sand applied today and will probably receive its first mow late next week. 

The growth regulator has kicked in on the fairways just in time for the short working weeks ahead with the playing surface in great condition.  All the Course Improvement Plan areas received a heavy topdressing this week to help smooth out the surface.

Sanding turf

A special thanks to the people who took the time to say something to the ground staff and or send a card or beer down to us for the festive season.  You have no idea how appreciative the boys are of such gestures and it helps keep them motivated.

Breakfast for the crew

And John the wildlife photographer was back this week and his camera must be really good as it even makes the Ibis look good!!

An Ibis in full flight

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