Friday, December 11, 2015

Another very busy week on the courses with the turf being laid at 7R green surround and the West practice green being planted.  The wind continues to play havoc with course preparation although at least now most of the bark has been stripped from the gum trees.  Another task completed this week was the trimming of the bunkers on the River course which consume just under 50 man hours on Thursday from a possible 104 hours for the day!!

The West greens surrounds have had some weed control applied which has resulted in a leaf tip burn that sees a temporary loss of color.  It looks like a good result at this early stage.

An unexpected 15mm in short time on Wednesday night caused some wash out at the practice green and then we were lucky to avoid the storm that blew through on Thursday evening.  The forecast for Friday evening and Saturday isn't good but hopefully we won't get rain heavy enough to wash the green away again.

Practice green after planting

It was interesting to see a photo of Jordan Spieth playing at Royal Melbourne on his recent trip to Australia and playing from the white tees of the day.  Great to see the world No. 1 respect his host club.  It's a pity a few of our players didn't have the same respect for the courses.  It does amuse me when you see the swings on some of the people playing from the back tees and I feel like suggesting that the yellow tees may be better suited to their game.  The two best players I have seen in my time at Cool Tweed, Scott Gardiner and Ben Gazal also had the same respect and I don't ever recall seeing either of them playing from anything but the tees of the day.  Food for thought perhaps?

The No. 1 @ RM

 The photo below looks like the bolt of lightning is about to demolish the golf ball on the roof of the clubhouse but it was just one of many that were lighting up the sky on Thursday evening!! 

A near miss??

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