Friday, December 18, 2015

The weeks just keep flying past and this one was no exception.  Five tonne of fertiliser was put out on the fairways and a couple of nice rainfall events have it watered in just nicely.  A plant growth regulator will be applied to the fairways next week to ensure that we don't get a mad surge of growth over the Christmas period and short working weeks ahead.

The West practice green is coming along quite nicely although there was some wash caused by the heavy rain last week end.  50mm of rain was recorded on Saturday night with not many other locations receiving anywhere near that amount.  Some solid turf was purchased and has been placed in these areas to try and prevent any further wash in future expected storms.  The cover will come off next Tuesday and then we start the main part of the grow in phase.

Members may have noticed an avid nature lover parked down behind 4W green recently.  His name is John and he is a keen photographer of wildlife around the Tweed and is particularly drawn to the Honey bee eaters that nest in the bunkers by burrowing a tunnel into the sand.  Here are just two of his photos which are nothing short of spectacular.

Incoming meal

In full flight

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