Friday, March 23, 2018

A wet end to the week with another 30mm falling overnight on Thursday.  As mentioned last week the localised water table is practically "full" and the water is taking a long time to drain away.  NSW is an amazingly contrasting State when you look at the tragic bushfires at Tathra, floods on the central coast and near flood conditions up here.

A fairly normal week on the courses with just a couple of irrigation problems to keep us on our toes starting with a 100mm main requiring repair in the middle of 9W fairway right in the middle of the members comp day on Monday.  Thanks for your patience while we carried out repairs.  We have also been carrying out the rather huge task of spraying weeds around the tree bases on the River course which given the number of trees takes some time.  A bit more fertiliser for greens on both courses as we start getting them ready for winter which will appear on the scene in no time.

I have mentioned the growth regulator that we use a few times and one place we use it is on the bunker edges over summer to try and reduce the amount of edging required.  The photo below is of a bunker on 17W and the effect is nothing short of dramatic but for some reason we can't seem to get that effect on all the bunkers.  The fairways, greens and tees always provide more consistent results.

Great effect on growth on the lip of the bunker.

And whilst on bunkers it was interesting to watch Tiger at last weeks PGA event when he had two very buried lies on a course that would have a very large budget and crew to maintain them.  It was also interesting to get a shot of just how much sand gets moved in the playing of a bunker shot and demonstrates how bunkers evolve and change over time and for the need to be constantly re-arranging the sand in the base and face of the bunker.

Is that a sand wedge or a shovel!!

And another unraked bunker last week but I won't be fronting the culprit after a snake took a short cut through the fairway bunker on 5R last Friday!! 
Be my guest!!

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