Friday, March 2, 2018

Nearly 9 inches of rain last weekend certainly tested the courses ability to take water out with the massive thunderstorm on Monday evening finishing it off.  I always say that I won't knock back rainfall as you don't know where the next lot is coming from but that was ridiculous.

Motorised buggies were off both courses at various times and the constant rain kept the players away.  In the deluge on Saturday there must have been a window of opportunity to get out on the River course and the photos below show some of the damage caused.  Calling motorised buggies off is my decision and it's not a very easy one to make.  Realising the effect on the club's income and members enjoyment it is a decision that is not taken lightly and has many factors considered before the call is made.  There are a couple of "go too" areas that quickly give an indication of just how wet the courses are and their condition forms the basis of the decision.  The current rainfall radar and weather forecast are consulted to see just how long the rain will be lasting and the general weather forecast for the day is also considered.  Unfortunately one of the sites I rely on for wind and rain predictions have changed their forecasting model and are now nowhere near as accurate as they once were.  If anyone knows of an accurate website, particularly for rainfall, please pass it on.  Perhaps unfortunately for me the arthritis in my fingers is becoming a pretty good sign of approaching rainfall!! 

The decision on buggies is generally made by 5.15am after a tour of the courses and posted on the website by 5.30am.  This obviously means that the call is made in the dark without being able to physically see the sky.  If I had been able to see the sky last Saturday morning buggies may well have been off both courses and the damage below prevented.

The photos show the damage on Sunday morning after a buggy had driven through an area of pooled water then the same area today.  They were taken on 11R fairway which is one of the driest out there so one can only imagine what sort of damage would result on 13 or 16W for example. 

Sunday am.

Friday pm.


Sunday am.
Friday pm.

The photos below is of the approaching storm on Monday evening that had a very "green" look about it which is generally a very good sign of hail.  Fortunately we had no hail but a heck of a light show and 35mm in about even time.

Overlooking Club Banora.

Getting closer!

The rain has certainly made the rough grow and we are attempting to keep up as best we can which isn't easy so please bear with us.

Next week will see some further repair works around 6, 7 and 9 West green surrounds where the access areas that were unable to be repaired due to their proximity to the temporary greens will be done.  Most of these areas are riddled with tree roots as well, some of which were exposed by the volume of vehicle traffic over them.  15W men's tee will also be extended back, moreso to level out the blue teeing area than to gain length.  There will be various contractors on course so players co-operation would be much appreciated. 



  1. Great blog as usual, Pete!

  2. Thanks Grant. I do get lots of positive comments about it so makes it worth the effort.


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