Thursday, March 29, 2018

The rain just doesn't seem to want to go away with constant showers hampering maintenance during a short week with a double long week end and another short week next week.  The grass is still growing very quickly and we got the whole property cut despite the rain and reduced hours which was a great effort.

In amongst the mowing we covered some tree root areas with some of the turf scraps from the recent turfing and then sanded over the top.  Most areas are well in the rough and as I have said before, although you are hitting off sand until the grass comes through it is way better than hitting off tree roots.  We also managed to get some fertiliser out on the tees and some more fairways to further strengthen them for the winter.
RHS 14R tree roots covered.

In some ways it seems longer ago but it is 12 months since the remnants of cyclone Debbie reeked havoc upon the local area and I don't really want to see that again for some time.  My thoughts are certainly with those in FNQ who copped it again this week.
1R last year

No thanks.
The US Masters starts next week and the cry will go out around the golfing world of why can't my course be like that??  Lots of reasons why with the main one being the resources available to them.  I was speaking to a young intern in the USA recently and he had worked there one year with his main summer job being erecting tents on the greens to keep the sun off!!  It isn't the most expensive golf club to join in the States but it is the most difficult.  They don't have a lot of play either and the course is worked on pretty hard once the tournament is gone to make alterations and improvements.  The photo below was taken in the heat of summer and you can just make out the covers that they use on the bunkers to save the sand from being contaminated.
It doesn't always look perfect!

More people mowing fairways than I have on my crew!!

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