Friday, March 9, 2018

Just another 90mm in the rain gauge for the week but we were still able to get a lot done.  Most importantly we were able to pretty much keep up with the mowing which was quite a feat given the soggy conditions but come Friday afternoon and you would hardly know it had rained.  It would have come as a surprise to some of the Friday morning players when they saw us hand watering greens!  The West greens had been sanded the day before and rubbed in but there was still some sand on the surface so the best way to settle it in to the turf canopy is to water it in.

Watering on 16W.

We were also able to get the planned earthworks done adjacent to the temporary greens on the West course and an extension to the blue tee area on 15W tee.  The sublime skills of the Bobcat operator allowed us to barely leave a tyre track in the areas.  The turf arrives on Monday to finish the areas off.

A couple of photos below clearly belong in the "REALLY" file!!  Although one of the courses I played in the USA recently is a top 100  course with just 300 members and they have the same problem with care of the golf course. 

18 River fairway bunker.  One set of footprints.

4 juicy divots on 10W fairway.

As I have mentioned before - Please leave the course in a condition that you would like to find it.

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