Monday, February 10, 2020

Another 42mm of rain until 9am this morning takes us to 595mm since last Tuesday.  That's nearly twenty four inches!!  That much rain on already wet ground and against high tides means a very slow drying process.  The bulk of the water has now left the property and the drains are working to capacity and are under constant surveillance to ensure they are not blocking.  There is some water lying in areas that I have never seen before particularly on 14R.  The photo of the start of 14R fairway below is as far as I have seen the water backed up.  This water actually drains down the left side of 14R across 12 and 11R and finds its way to the culverts at the front of 18W tee and leaves the property on the RHS of 17W.  There is a huge amount of water backed up and it has a long way to travel with minimal fall.  The photos below were taken just on high tide at 11.30 this morning.

Water backed up across start 14R fairway.

RHS 14R green.  I've never seen this much in this area.

Front 14R green.  Again I've never seen it backed up this far.

But the water is moving off.  The path below which runs across 13 and 14W had six inches of water across it 6 hours earlier.
Track across 13 / 14W reappearing.

The photo below shows the river about to break over the levee bank on high tide this morning and as mentioned above high tides like this slow the draining process.  But the water is moving although it is a slow process particularly given the lack of fall that we have across the courses. 

Just about to come over.

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