Friday, February 14, 2020

We finished the rain event with 841mm and with a couple of weeks to go for the month we are probably a good chance to break the highest February total which was 897mm in 1956.  There is still a lot of water on both courses but todays sun and wind certainly helped the drying process.

We do have a blocked pipe on 4R and it appears that it is in the middle of 5R fairway.  Time and the water table was against us today to try and work on it so we will wait until it's dry again to look at it.  At the moment we are pumping it out.

As mentioned yesterday there is a massive amount of water coming down the river from upstream where they received some huge falls yesterday afternoon and evening.  The photo below shows the dirty colour of the river which will take some time to clear. 

There are still several fairways with a significant amount of water on them on the River course and others that are sodden.  The call was made early to keep motorised buggies off the River course for the week end and for the West course to remain closed.  As I have mentioned here before it is never an easy task to restrict buggy use but in this situation and with the existing ground conditions I believe it is the right call.

Well it's been a rollercoaster week and a bit that I am glad is behind us.  One blessing for us was that there was no wind so our clean up is not as bad as previous storm cells.  I am on a week and a half leave from today so hopefully the drying process continues and the courses get back to normal.

A dirty Tweed River Friday afternoon.

Even the butcher bird was sick of the rain and was looking for shelter.

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  1. Bravo Peter!The volume of water on both courses is huge, keeping carts off them IS a Brave and correct call! THANK YOU.


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