Sunday, February 9, 2020

Well that was something different - I needed to use a syringe to empty the rain gauge as it was too heavy to lift!!  282 mm in the past 22 hours and it hasn't really rained for the last four hours.  It takes us to 553mm for February and 835mm for the year thus far which is quite notable considering we got just 962mm total last year.

Quite remarkably the river is at least a metre below the levee bank so the water is moving off the courses very quickly but there is a lot to move so will take some time.  The high tides may be our enemy though.  Obviously upstream didn't get the volume of rain we did which is a blessing for them and us.  Another blessing was that there was no wind so at this stage there are no trees down so clean up won't be as bad as has been in previous storms. 

A few photos from this morning;

15W green.  Note water mark on front of green.



Half way West esky floated over to LHS 14W fairway!



15W and half way West.

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