Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Just another 43mm overnight to top us right up.  A lot of the gains made yesterday were lost overnight although some areas have improved.  At this stage and with more rains forecast I can't see motorised buggies getting on the course this week.
Just a couple of photos showing no improvement at 14R and good improvement at 13 / 14W.

14R marginally worse than yesterday.

Improvement at 13W
There is a lot of debris washed around the courses as well and with the heat, humidity and moisture the grass is growing extremely fast and is actually growing up through the debris as the photo below shows.  If it is left any longer it will mean that we won't be able to lift the debris so work is starting today even though it's a bit wet. 
Grass growing up through the debris.
And I had a couple of people ask me what was I doing with a syringe and how big must it have been to empty the rain gauge.  The answer is below and it's called a ''gulp ultra'' and is normally used to suck water out of sprinkler cases when they are in the ground.  I now know that it can suck 20mm out of a rain gauge at a time!!

Not really a syringe but works the same.

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