Friday, March 13, 2020

Another 150mm of rain this week to top us right up once again.  That takes our year to date total to 1402mm or 1.4 metres.  The rainfall chart below tells the story. 

Only part of 1 and 18 fairways were able to be mown on the West course this week with the rest of the fairways way too wet to get the mowers on.  The River course fares a little better in the wet but many were too wet to get mowers on out there too. Thank heavens for the growth regulator and the extra application that went out last week that has slowed their growth right down.  The virtual month of low light intensity due to the cloud cover and lack of sunshine is taking its toll on turfgrass throughout the courses.  Couchgrass likes sunlight and warm conditions and that has been lacking recently.  Even overnight temperatures dipped below 20 degrees late this week which normally rarely happens until well into April.  

We took the opportunity today with low play numbers to get some fertiliser out on the tees on both courses to try and get them moving and in as good a condition as possible as we approach the cooler times of winter.  It is planned to try and get some fertiliser on the fairways as well in the short term if they ever dry out.

Once again a number of jobs mentioned last week that were planned for Tuesday were postponed due to the rain which just keeps putting them further and further back and now a couple of the contractors that we use are busy elsewhere.  Frustrating all round.  

Motorised buggy status for Saturday will be updated on the website under ''course conditions'' by 5.30am as normal.  At this stage, and with no further rain, the River course should be ok but the West course is borderline and it won't take much rain to make it too wet.  There are still significant wet areas out there so please drive very carefully.

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