Friday, March 6, 2020

Not very much to report this week with the focus primarily on mowing.  As I have mentioned before in the high growth conditions we are currently experiencing we never actually finish mowing fairways or rough as it's just a continuing operation.  At the start of the week you look at the amount of grass out there after a weekend of growth and wonder how you are going to get it all done.  Our four outfront rough mowers, two surround mowers and two fairway mowers are operating non stop at present.  The growth regulator is assisting with the fairways but it doesn't work as well on the longer rough areas where it is hard to get good spray coverage through the grass canopy.  The growth is so strong at the moment that even the growth regulator only lasted three weeks instead of the normal four.  This is caused by the high temperatures and humidity and the level of moisture in the ground. 

One of the benefits of the growth is that you can really see the definition of the fairways which given our high cart traffic and normally dry conditions doesn't really normally show.

There are a couple of jobs that have been planned to be done including repairing the drain on RHS 6R but with all efforts on mowing at the moment they have been postponed until later this month when the weather may have cooled a little and there are some low tides for this job in particular.

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