Friday, March 27, 2020

Just when you think the rain had finished and the last pool of water on the left of 9W was nearly gone down it came again with more to come. We have now received nearly 50 mm since it started raining last night and you compare that with the airport who have had 16 mm. It’s amazing what that short distance can do with the weather.  The airport has also received just under 1200 mm year to date compared to our just over 1500 mm.

Almost back to square one on 12R Friday afternoon.

I don’t know if anybody really knows just what is going to happen moving forward regarding the coronavirus situation particularly with respect to the playing of golf and the maintenance of golf courses. Not only golf courses but sporting facilities including racetracks, football ovals, bowling greens etc. There has been a mixed response around the world with some States in America allowing golf to continue with no maintenance and some banning both golf and maintenance. New Zealand have banned all maintenance and they had to walk away from the course which is a heartbreaking thought. The advantage there I guess is that they are heading into winter whereas the United States is heading into summer. So it will be a stop and wait and see for us.  If there is no maintenance allowed I would fear for the future of a lot of clubs as the cost of re-instating their facilities after a prolonged shutdown may be beyond them.

And always a sad day at the end of the season when we say goodbye to our casuals which was bought forward because of the effect of the coronavirus. To Shane, Tom, Jamie and Mark thanks for your efforts over the summer for presenting the course for the members and good luck in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Now we are in shutdown I hope the Board and management do not waste the opportunity to do extra work on our Courses, repairs,upgrades,renovations etc and provide you with the extra staff required. All the best


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