Friday, March 20, 2020

With the situation regarding the Covid-19 virus it is hard to know what to expect with the situation changing daily.  Within course operations we have split the crew in two meaning a separate start time and meal break each day and are sanitising all machinery and shed touch points as well as flagsticks each morning.  All course staff are self monitoring as everyone should be and are under strict instruction to report if they feel unwell.  At this early stage we have a clean bill of health which I hope continues. 

Back on the courses and at least the rain seems to have stopped and we got virtually a full week of maintenance in and it really shows with the finished product on Friday.  Just about every square inch of the property got mown this week and the slow down in growth means the surfaces are looking and playing great.   Another couple of mornings this week below 20 degrees at 5.30am which is 3 - 4 weeks ahead of the last three years and the cooler overnight temperatures have quite an effect on growth with the soil temperatures starting to drop.  The reduction in sunlight hours also has an impact on plant growth.  Some nice warm days with full sunshine is what we need heading towards winter.

And with just 30mm of rain this week the courses finally dried out and it was nice not to hear the squelch of water as you drove across the fairways or see this sort of damage from buggies in the wet areas. 

6R fairway last Friday.

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