Monday, August 16, 2010

7th West tee

A small section of artificial turf has been layed on the 7th West tee as a trial teeing surface.  As you can see from the photo the tee is in a very shaded environment and requires continual oversowing / turfing to maintain grass cover. 

The re design of the hole a few years back has helped protect our course boundary but now a lot of players use an iron or hybrid club and take divots which is putting stress on turf survival.

The main drawback is that only short tees can be used as the "pile" is only 25mm thick so those broken tees we use on par 3's will be very handy!  Unfortunately the material used on the 13th River tee that accepts longer tees is no longer available.  The trial area is big enough to get a good feel for the surface and will be available for use on certain days in the coming weeks.  Player feedback is welcome.

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