Sunday, August 29, 2010

West greens renovation

I am now convinced that the 17th West green is cursed!  It's latest ailment is a leaf burn from the sanding it received last week as part of the greens renovation.  The 17th wasn't hollow tyned last week as it doesn't yet need it but was solid tyne aerated to allow some air into the soil profile.  As a result it didn't need as much sand as the other greens and was sanded by hand to save the weight of the machine from crossing the putting surface.  The sand had some fowl manure mixed through it and this has caused the burn, but none of the other greens have the same problem and yet they had 6 times more sand spread on them. 

The 17th was fertilised this morning to help the turf grow through it and the mottled effect should mow out later this week.

17th West green

Some of the worst worn tees will be hollow tyned and sanded this week to try and promote some much needed growth.  Tree root removal from fairways will continue and depending on availability of the contractor, some of the dead trees will start to be removed.  We will also continue with tree trimming which has been happening for two weeks now to allow for easier access for our mowers.  And of course the mowing of the West greens will re-start, probably on Tuesday afternoon but that is totally dependent on the weather as all our planned jobs are.

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