Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th!!

Perhaps the next Black Friday I won't schedule so many works! 

Tree root removal from the fairways started and this is always a fairly messy job with a backhoe used to pull the roots out.  Some of the roots are up to 150mm in diameter and run up to 15 metres into the fairway.  The job was going well until we hit the rising sewer main from the Clubhouse on the 18th River fairway which was only 300mm below the surface.  This therefore caused a lengthy delay with several staff and a licensed plumber needed to expedite the repair.  This unfortunately meant that several of the root removal areas were not able to be repaired before the end of the day. 
From the golfers viewpoint, the Local Rule "Course Damage" covers the relief situation for the root removal areas. 
Sewer main on 18

New support posts for our irrigation dam water mixer were installed on Friday and these needed to be concreted in.  Half a metre of concrete wes required for the job and a mini mix truck was ordered.  To my surprise a full 6 metre truck arrived which meant that the truck would not be able to leave the main course access tracks and the concrete had to be manhandled to the posts.  The concrete truck arrived 3 minutes after the plumber so this was an interesting time of the day!  Once again more staff had to be deployed to the concreting task away from their other duties.

And to top it off I was hit by a golf ball on the full whilst on the motorbike on the track behind the 10th west green, meaning that the shot from around the 135 metre post had cleared the green by 20 metres!! 
Friday the 13th....unlucky for some!

Tree root on 1 West
Tree root removal on 5 River

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