Wednesday, August 18, 2010

West greens renovations

Yes it is unfortunately that time of year again with the renovation scheduled for next Monday the 23rd.  Preparations have commenced this week with several West greens being "Verti Drain" aerated (pictured).  We used what is called a "needle" solid tyne that penetrated up to 150mm to allow some much needed air to reach the rootzone.  Only the greens with underlying problems had this operation carried out on Tuesday.

The West greens have hardly been irrigated over the past few months with fairly regular rainfall keeping up the turfs moisture requirements.  However to ensure the coring machines can extract the cores as required there will be some water applied to the greens leading up to Monday.  The greens will also be fertilised on Friday to ensure that they are healthy and growing to help speed up the recovery.

The greens will be hollow tyne aerated using 16mm tynes and will then be fertilised and have some soil amendments added as required.  The greens will then be sanded with a sand / fowl manure mixture which is due to be delivered on Thursday and will be sure to add an aroma to the air!!

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