Friday, August 27, 2010

Gold Coast Show Day

Just a word of thanks to those Members who commented to me on the Blog on the course today and those that have joined now that it is public.  The main reason for the Blog is to inform you, the Members, so please feel free to use it.

Gold Coast Show day is always a busy day and with absolutely perfect weather, today was no exception.  Both courses have been full of players all day but for the groundstaff the work must go on.  It wasn't a very good start to the day when an irrigation line next to the 4th West green blew out at 6.15am this morning causing quite a bit of damage to the green surround.  The repair has been completed and the area left as sand.  This is to allow for any settlement that will occur with such a large hole and the area will be re-turfed next week. 

4th West green

The West greens renovation is progressing well and we are now at the stage of getting the grass back through the sand and that is progressing really well.  The downside of so much growth is that the resident ducks love the soft lush Bentgrass and can graze it back to dirt if allowed.  To prevent this a bird repellent was sprayed on to 8 greens this morning.  The ducks don't like the taste of the spray and generally one spray keeps them away for 5 days or so.  At this stage the greens are on track for their first mowing on Monday afternoon.

10th West green - 3 days after heavy sanding

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