Sunday, January 15, 2012

The irrigation problems continued last Friday night with a "phase dropping out" from the main transformer near the half way west snack bar.  This cut power to the pump shed and also the half way west.  Fortunately it happened at 2.30am after the West greens had received about 80% of their irrigation cycle.  The cloudy conditions on Saturday then helped make sure the West greens didn't suffer any heat stress during the day.  It's weeks like this with the irrigation problems we have had that I wish I didn't have Bent greens in the sub tropics.  And thanks to my electrician who was on site within half an hour of calling him at 5.30 am on Saturday morning, all power was restored by 8.30 am which meant that the beer would be cold at the half way west, oh and my pumps were operational again!!

Dangerous Banksia at 1 West

A fairly busy week coming up if the weather behaves although from the forecast that is doubtful.  The Banksia tree on the left of 1 West green will be removed due to the poor health of the tree.  We tried some remedial pruning about 9 months ago but the tree has continued to deteriorate to the point that it is now dangerous.  The small group of trees to the right of 2 River green will also be removed.  These trees were trimmed back a few years ago to allow more light and air movement to the busy traffic area that they impact.  The result was excellent for the turf and in order for the turf to improve further it has been decided to now remove the trees.  The first two bunkers on 6 River fairway will be filled in on Thursday and the area mounded and then re-turfed the following week.  

And over the past few weeks we have had a flock of Black Cockatoos about the course.  Every year they attack the Pine tree at the rear of 12 West green and the damage they inflict is really quite awesome.  The strength they must have in their beaks is extraordinary when you look at what they do to the Pine cones.  Fortunately they don't feed on golf greens like Corellas do as I would hate to see what they would do to a green surface.
Gnawed Pine cone under an untouched one.

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