Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The latest

Well the rain has stopped at last although there is a lot more forecast.  It was quite eerie to tour the course this afternoon in the very still, quiet and humid conditions.  There is a lot of standing water on the courses and with the height that the river is running at it will be some time before the water has a chance to subside.  Another 56mm was recorded between 9am and 5pm with some of the heaviest rain I have seen since that horror day in June 2005 when we had 215mm between 9am and 12.30pm and virtually all of the Tweed area shut down.  We have now had just less than 300mm in the past 48 hours.  There are a few more shots from late this afternoon below including one of 9 River tee with more water on it at low tide than it had at high tide.

15 West green from the rear

6 River ladies tee

9 River tee on low tide!!

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