Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wet Wet Wet

Well what can you say?  Living in the sub tropics you have to expect high rainfall but enough is enough.  The courses received 25mm up until 9am on Tuesday and then 154mm until 9am this morning.  Another 50mm has come down in the three hours since.  Couple this with king tides and areas in the Tweed River catchment area with rainfall figures over 300mm and we may finish up suffering some inundation in the low lying areas of the courses.  The 10.30 high tide this morning pushed the water over the levee bank road behind the 1st River green and is preventing water from draining off the courses.  A couple of photos below and my favorite one of the greenside bunker on the 16th River fully playable with no wash or water ponding after 200mm in 24 hours....I just wish the West bunkers were this good!!

9 River tee as an island

Water over levee road on high tide

Rear 15 West green and half way house. 
This is the same water level as the River.
Fully playable 16 River bunker after 200mm

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