Monday, January 23, 2012

Well the weather certainly did play havoc with last weeks plans after over 4 inches of rain fell early in the week which prevented the tree removal from taking place.  It has been re-scheduled for tomorrow so hopefuuly this lot of rain will clear in time.  The first two bunkers on 6 River have been filled and the area has been prepared for turfing.  Heavy rainfall where the turf comes from means that the turf will not arrive until next Monday.

The West greens certainly enjoyed the rain and a fertiliser application a week prior to the rain kicked in and I have not seen them grow to the extent they are at the moment.  Unfortunately the humid wet weather also means disease which has affected the greens despite them being so healthy.  The constant wind over the past few weeks has also disrupted the spraying programs and I have been unable to get a number of treatments that the greens require at this time of year.  The wind has also severely disrupted the weed control program as well which will hopefully get back on track soon.

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