Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Our summer weed control program has now commenced following a drop in the wind that has seemed to be blowing for the past 3 months.  As has happened before there will be quite a bit of browning off around both courses as expected and regrowth will be rapid.  There will probably be a couple of applications required to get the result required.  The West Course greens and green surrounds were the first areas treated earlier this week.

Now that the Public holiday period has ended we can get back to some normal course maintenance routines.  The tees in particular are due for a fertilise which I have been holding off on so as not to have too much growth through the Christmas break.  The fairways on both courses are certainly enjoying the warm weather and clean cut of the new mowers.  I mentioned in a previous post about preparation times for greens and it is nice to get some more time to prepare the greens for play.  6.00 am tee times and players getting around in 3 hours or less doesn't give much time for us to work on the courses let alone the greens.

President Murray mentioned in his Christmas message that the first two fairway bunkers on the right side of the 6th River fairway are to be filled in.  These works have been scheduled for Thursday January 19. 

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