Friday, April 24, 2015

Week one of the Course Improvement Plan (CIP) has been completed and fairway bunkers on 2, 4 and 10W have been filled in.  These areas will be turfed next week as the material from Royal Pines won't be used now due to some operational issues.  Next week will see bunker works continue on West holes 11, 13 and 16 and some tree removal on 1  , 6 and 9 West as per the CIP.  The Ladies have kindly agreed to play a 17 hole competition on the West next Tuesday to allow us to carry out the works on the front greenside bunker on 11W.  The hole needs to be closed as we will have several contractors and staff working at the front of the green.

The ProLiner bunker liner will be installed in the LHS 7W green bunker next Monday as a trial.  There are many different bunker liner materials and ideas and this one has been a great success at Sanctuary Cove CC.

The Bent grass nursery has been re-developed and will be planted early next week

Works on bentgrass nursery
The West greens will have a minor renovation next Tuesday with a de-thatching followed by a sanding.  The ravages of the summer have now gone and the greens need the work to continue their improvement.  Effect on the playing surface should be minimal.

And 17 West green will be open for some play from Anzac Day.  There will still be some days where it will be taken out of play for maintenance.  It is currently at normal greens mowing height and it will be 12 weeks next Tuesday since planting so the TifEagle grass has been a great success.

And speaking of Anzac day below is one of Michelle and mine favourite photos.

Lest we forget