Monday, September 20, 2010

Week commencing September 20th

A fairly quiet week this week with three staff on leave and not a great weather forecast so it will pretty much be routine maintenance.  We have a busy month coming up with a number of small projects planned that I will outline for you shortly.

The West greens have finally slowed their growth and are now virtually fully recovered from the renovation.  There are some areas of burn on a few, most notably 5 and 9, which was caused by the fowl manure that was used in conjunction with the topdressing sand.  5 and 9 are also the West greens with the most shade so their recovery and general health is always behind the other greens.

We took advantage of the rain to get some fertiliser on the tees on both courses and the buggy path entrances and exits today and some of the shaded fairway areas were fertilised last week.  Although the daily temperatures so far in September are about average we are a long way behind last year with "spring green-up".  At this stage last year we had already had 11 days of 27 degrees or more compared with only 3 this year.   Year to date we are also about 466 mm short of last years total with 1227 mm having fallen on the courses.  It always amazes me how much more rain we get than Coolangatta airport with 220 mm more already recorded on the courses year to date 2010.

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