Monday, October 11, 2010

Will it ever stop?

210mm of rain since Saturday on top of the 190mm last week end certainly has us wet.  With the rain that fell upstream making its way down today we were lucky to get a lot of water off the courses before the high tide around midday.  That has now stopped and the flow of water off the courses has certainly slowed with the huge volume of water coming down the Tweed River.  The river went awfully close to breaking its banks at high tide but we thankfully avoided that.  The ground is absolutely saturated as can be seen in the photo of the 1st west fairway still holding water late this afternoon which is very rare.

1st West fairway still wet
Remarkably in the wind we lost only one tree and a few limbs but quite a lot of small leaf debris is evident on both courses.  I would like to think that the lack of limbs down is a testament to the tree pruning and removal program that we operate. 

There will be no motorised buggies tomorrow and the West course will remain closed in the morning.  At this stage motorised buggies are a chance on the River course for Wednesday but highly doubtful for the West.  The Club website is normally updated by 5.30am NSW time if there are to be motorised buggy restrictions so it pays to check before you come down to play.  It is very rare for the call on buggies to be made the day before because the course drains so quickly but there are still at least 7 fairways with a significant amount of water pooled on them late this afternoon such as the 4th River fairway pictured below.

4th River fairway 5.00pm Monday

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