Friday, December 24, 2010

The end is nigh

The end of year is approaching and the visiting golfers are about to descend upon us (if the weather holds out) once again.  Earlier this week we had a visitor of a different kind, that being a Wallaby.  Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera focused quickly enough so only got a long range shot.  We have seen it twice this week so hopefully I will get a photo next time.

5th West dam 27/12 09
I don't think the weather warrants mentioning with everyone well and truly over the rain.  It is an amazing contrast to last year when there was no rain recorded from November 24th to December 19th which followed a particularly dry spell.  This year rain has been recorded on 20 out of 24 days in December.  At least the on course dams are enjoying the rain as evidenced in the photos.   My records show that last year I pumped water down from the treatment plant for irrigation for 3 months straight 24/7 up until December 27th.  This year I can barely remember pumping any down at all! 
5th West dam 24/12/10

"Submarine" 8th West dam
Whist I am talking about dams the "submarine" that has appeared in the 8th west dam is actually a float that supports the pump that circulates water through the adjacent dams.  The pump was previously on a frame on the floor of the dam but had continual problems sucking in debris so now that it is suspended in the water we should have trouble free operation.

And dam the person in the first group who left this pitchmark on the 17th West green this morning. 
17th West green after one group today

And on a more pleasant note thank you to the Member who dropped off a case of beer and a Christmas card for the groundstaff yesterday.  You have no idea what a small gesture like that does for staff morale.  Thank you and I trust all Members have a safe and merry Christmas, with lots of dry weather golf!!


  1. Hi peter,
    You have mention we have a treatment plant. Just curious, how do we treat the wash water from the mowers ect..??

  2. Hello Keith,
    The treatment plant I mentioned is indeed the Tweed Shire Council Banora Point treatment facility where we draw our irrigation water from.
    At the moment we wash all mowers down on selected grassed areas around the course and allow the thatch of the turf to filter out contaminants. The main washdown area is adjacent to the irrigation dam and the run off from the washing activities flows back to the irrigation dam for re-use. It is not the perfect answer to the wash down issue but is the preferred method by the EPA when suitable facilities are not available. We do currently have a D.A. in for the construction of a dedicated wash down bay which will hopefully be constructed next year.


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