Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another week

Well the weather just held out for the work that was planned this week but as is so often the case not everything went to plan.  The removal of tree roots on 11 and 16 River tees would have been a major job once some initial excavation took place and it is too late in the season for that type of work so they have been put on the spring "to do" list.  The drainage pits on the 6th River dam went in quite nicely though they took a lot more time than I had planned which then delayed other works planned for the day.  The pits got a nice workout on Thursday night with 45mm of rain falling in quite a hurry with no wash evident.  Time ran out to be able to investigate the sink holes on the 8th River fairway but we have already repaired some other sink holes there and pretty much know what to expect and may finish up having to replace the entire pipe.  Another for the "to do" list!  We did get some tree trimming done on the chute at the 13th River tee and the tee will be turfed on Monday along with the buggy path run off at the 9th River tee which gets badly affected by tidal waters which we are hoping to have diverted away from this area with a small bund.

9th River tee

The weather towards the end of the week wasn't conducive to photography so hopefully I will get a chance to take some photos so as to be able to report on the growth regulator as promised last week.

The River greens have been fertilised again and should show some strong growth in the next few weeks and the tees were also fertilised just in time to take advantage of the rain on Thursday night so they should also show some good growth in readiness for the onset of winter.

There has been a virtual explosion in the spread of "Mullumbimby Couchgrass" in the West greens and in particular the practice green.  Two treatments have had nil effect so far and further treatment is planned.  Successful treatment can take up to two weeks and you can't afford to panic and put too much product on the Bent greens at this time of year....they are under enough stress already.  "Mullum" Couch is a member of the Sedge family of plants and is a particularly difficult weed to control.

"Mullum" Couchgrass

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