Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The practice nets upgrade is now complete after a problem with the mats caused them to be replaced.  The mat that is closest to 1 West tee is different from the others and has been placed there as a trial.  There are no rubber tee inserts in this particular mat but you can use conventional tee pegs in it as well as playing "off the deck".  The "pile" is only about 25mm thick so you need to adjust the length of tee you are using to suit your club.  If this mat is successful and popular it may be installed permanently on 7 West tee which is in severe shade and not big enough to cope with the wear that it receives.

Practice mat with no rubber tees

It was very pleasing to be mowing 9 West green this morning and be able to admire the quality of the putting surface as it enjoyed full morning sun following the removal of the Cadagi trees at the rear.  Previously at this time of year and following the rain we have been experiencing, the green would have been very thin and weak.  There is an old saying in turf that "if your turf isn't getting 8 hours of sunlight a day.....why isn't it?"  In the past winters 9 West green received virtually no sunlight during the day and as that other old saying goes; "the proof is in the pudding!"

Rear 9 West green bathed in sunlight at 8am.

On the other hand it wasn't very pleasing to look across to 4 River green and see where a golfer had walked up the face of the bunker to exit the bunker then toss the rake back over his head.  The chances of having firm bunker faces is nought when people do this to them.  At least he did actually pick the rake up.

And although not on the course, the refurbishment of the Clubhouse facade has commenced and works will be continuing for some time.  A large amount of scaffolding and work area is required and significant areas of carparking space will be unavailable from time to time.  To help ease parking congestion the short range practice fairway will be a designated parking area whilst the works continue.  Please drive carefully on the grass and also be aware of the contractors when moving around the Clubhouse and carparks.

Clubhouse works underway


  1. The practice mat you refer to is excellent to hit from, either off the deck (irons)or tee peg(driver) positioned where you want. I don't like the others as the tee peg is set too high for me and is not adjustable. Having a flat swing and not being able to reposition the tee or mat, I also keep thinking I'm going to ding my driver against the upright pole behind. Also I've tried on several occasions to use the mat on 7th West but can't get a tee peg into it !!

  2. Thanks for the comments Roy. I will source some shorter rubber tees for the other mats although we do find they go missing fairly quickly. The mat on 7 West tee was a trial that has not been successful and will be removed in due course. Its shortfall was that it could only accept small tee pegs and hopefully the new type of mat we are trialing will be more suitable.

  3. It is indeed frustrating to see the way some people leave the bunkers, but as you said, at least he raked it. Unfortunately there are too many times when members are leaving bunkers without any thought for those who might follow them. It is obvious that some members do not believe that it is their job to rake their footprints as the leave the sand. Perhaps they have been watching too much tv golf and expect some one to come behind and do the job for them!


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