Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A lot was achieved today on the first clean up day following the storm event of the week end.  Two Bobcats, a front end loader and a rented truck assisted in clearing a lot of debris.  The quickest way to move such a volume is to actually drag the full tree across to the dump area as can be seen in the photos.  This is mainly possible from the northern side of the courses which is closest to the dump.  There is some minor damage to the fairway but to get the courses playable again as fast as possible it is the best way. 

The West course is still very wet and we will need to be much more careful once we get there.  All the River fairways had the debris blown off them today which is a monumental task when you look at what they had to shift.

There will be a working bee on Wednesday and Thursday this week starting at 8am at the maintenance shed in Davey Street.  All are welcome and all you need is a hat, gloves and sunscreen.  The task will be stick picking and piling them up which makes it easier and quicker for the machines to pick up the debris.

One of the problems with this storm event is that there has been so much rain in the hinterland and as that comes down and meets an incoming tide the water inundates our low riverside holes.  1 and 9 River and 17 West are virtually impassable at the moment and worse on high tide.  It sounds ridiculous to say that "we only got 300mm" but when you hear the rainfall totals for the hinterland your mind boggles.

Clearing fairways

Tree down near shed

Cleaned up already LHS 4 River

Towing away!!

2 trees down near 6 Ladies tee
1 & 9 River fairways - literally

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