Saturday, March 22, 2014

Not very much to report on for this week other than the dry continues.  There were some good falls of rain a little further south and in the hinterland but what we received barely wet the pavement.  Rain has been recorded on 11 days so far this month on the courses for the grand total of 18mm.  It could be worse I guess with Perth recording their driest summer on record and they officially broke the long standing record of 110 days without rain with 0.2mm of rain last week. Many Perth courses haven't recorded any rain since November 30 last year!!

I nearly saw something today that made me think back and that was that in 35+ years of working on golf courses I had never seen a hole in one actually happen.  That nearly changed as I drove past 15 West green this morning and watched Doug Glazebrook's ball literally lip out of the hole and come to rest 6 inches away behind the cup.  Doug wouldn't have seen it from the tee as he was bending over to pick up his tee and when he reached the green I told him how close it was to a hole in one.  He seemed more concerned with the fact that it would be the 3rd birdie in a row and he finished with 43 points to win the comp!!  Then later in the day Wayne Rowland's ball landed just short of the hole on 17 West and rolled ever so close to the hole on it's way past.

And another thing that was a first for me happened last Saturday when one of the social players following the men's competition on the West course must have been wearing football boots as the photo below shows.  At least I hope that's what they were and not the latest soft spike golf shoe, a couple of styles are so severe they have been banned at some courses due to the damage they cause.

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