Friday, September 9, 2016

This week has all been about the renovations on the West course and although we only had to do 9 greens it seemed we were getting nowhere on Monday night.  A couple of staff are on annual leave which normally wouldn't happen for such a busy time but with only 9 greens being done I thought it would be manageable.  That was until a virtual sea greeted us on Monday morning with a major pipe failure between 13 and 14 West fairways just next to one that occurred in March this year.  The water level in the irrigation dam was low and with no way of getting to the repair on Monday due to the sheer volume of water I actually contemplated not doing the renovation as Bentgrass greens under renovation in this climate need water.  But we pressed ahead and the repair was finally finished late on Tuesday and the renovations were also completed.  I'm certainly glad we didn't have to try and do 18 though!!

New hazard on 13W!

The West course tees were also aerated with the cores rubbed back in to the surface which acts as both a fertiliser application and a top dressing.  The West fairways were aerated with a rather agricultural type of unit but nonetheless effective and mown back down with a local rule in place regarding relief from the aeration holes.

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