Saturday, April 1, 2017

Update on the courses @ 2pm Saturday April 1.  The water is receding well and is constantly flowing even if it is slowly which is very important as if it starts to sit still the silt in the water will settle and form a layer on the turf surface.  High tide has just passed and the water level has still receded. 

It has been too wet for us to do too much and 6 of the staff rostered this morning come from south of the Tweed River and couldn't get to work!!  The greens on both courses have been cleared from debris and the front nine West greens were mown this morning as they are growing furiously!!  15W green has just had the last area that was inundated cleared and apart from some disease which is totally expected it has come through very well.  The other greens on both the River and back nine West should be mown tomorrow. 

The clean up in earnest will start on Monday and I doubt if the courses will be playable before Wednesday at the earliest.  

A couple of comparison photos to earlier posts taken around high tide this afternoon;

From rear 1R green

From 6R tee

Path to 2R tee


  1. Hi Peter
    David Greenhalgh here, will you be working on the course tomorrow and if so is there anything we can do to help.
    I can help during the week but I am available tomorrow.

  2. That is I Cant help during the week.


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