Friday, May 19, 2017

You certainly couldn't say we weren't warned about the rain to finish the week off.  After a run of superb windless autumn days it was a reality check to get such a miserable Friday.  The best part of 50mm has so far fallen on the courses and they are very wet despite the lightish nature of the rain.

Conditions such as these really highlight the softness of the Bentgrass greens in comparison to the TifEagle in particular.  The pitch marks are still terrible on the Bents and the lack of respect by the players is disappointing but it is certainly nothing new.  I mentioned last week with a photo of a very poorly filled divot that players should "leave the course as you would like to find it".  With golf shoes like the ones below that would be pretty hard to do on soft greens.  They look more like a weapon!! 

You could cause some serious damage with these!!

The windless conditions this week presented the perfect opportunity for us to follow up the trimming of tree bases with an application of weedkiller around the trees to stop regrowth.  It's amazing how much tidier it makes the courses look with the trees trimmed.  As I mentioned the other week it is a huge undertaking and is difficult to get done when the grass is still growing.

As mentioned the casual employees hours have been reduced and we will be having a BBQ breakfast to finish the season off on Tuesday morning.

And just to finish off someone might be in trouble with this tee sign at last weeks Portugal Open!!
Which one is right!!

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